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Needak Rebounder now in Australia

Australians rejoice! The world-famous Needak Rebounder, previously only available in North America is now for sale in Australia.

The Australian wing of Needak does not operate quite the same as its North American counterpart. Although all of the organizations are linked, due to the fact that rebounder distribution in USA and Canada are already well established, the Australian retail scheme currently operates on a limited supply basis.

What this means is, as an Australian consumer you will have brief windows of opportunity to acquire a Needak Rebounder in Australia. During these periods stock will become available and usually sells out pretty quick. Once sold out, you will then have to wait for the next opening which is usually once every few months.

The pricing in Australia also fluctuates more than in the North due to the volatile US dollar exchange rate which can jump up and down nearly thirty percent every few months. Rest assured that we keep prices as low as possible in Australia, just like in the US and Canada, maintaining that you will never find a cheaper price than what we offer anywhere for the same authentic, brand new Needak Rebounder.

If you’re Australian and currently are fortunate enough to be in a window where we have units stocked, don’t hesitate to reserve or purchase one now. If we’re all sold out, just register with Needak Australia and you will receive an email notifying you once stock is for sale again.

Remember, we always sell out in Australia and are fighting to keep up with demand.