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Needak.com – Your Guaranteed Authorized US Retailer

Some of our customers get confused at the number of different stores selling the Needak Rebounder. Some have model years, others have model numbers, and it all gets a bit muddy. Well here, we’ll shed a little bit of light on it.

Needak.com (and Needak.ca, Needak.com.au) are all authorized retailers for the Official Needak Rebounder. Yes, the one manufactured in Nebraska, USA, by Needak Manufacturing. This is the one reviewed everywhere, the one with the limited lifetime warranty, the one that has survived wall street crashes and dodgy imports.

Buy your rebounder from an authorized retailer for authentic products

The Needak Rebounder you get here, through any of the links with our specific logo, will be the exact same model you would get if you were to walk right into Needak Manufacturing’s facility and pick one up from their assembly line. In fact, we maintain direct contact with Needak Manufacturing on a daily basis so you can ensure that every item we sell is sourced from the real US company.

We’ve received loads of complaints about dodgy sites and fake products

Are there different models? Yes and no. Some older models will have different mechanisms which have been improved over time. And there is no real way to distinguish between these models because there aren’t really model numbers – it is the same rebounder with some tweaks to the mechanisms. The only way to be sure that you are getting the newest, most improved and reliable model is to purchase it through us, because we guarantee our products are direct from the manufacturer.

There are variations in models, but we only stock the most up to date models

You may be able to find deals elsewhere, even used ones in classifieds ads. But we generally recommend you opt for a new one to ensure there are no safety hazards, and to ensure that the springs are brand new to ensure the longest lifetime for your rebounder.

Needak.com – Your Guaranteed Authorized US Retailer.