Exploring fitness, health, and all things rebounder related.

Official Needak Rebounder Blog

Official Needak Rebounder Blog

Exploring fitness, health, and all things rebounder related.

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Why George Enjoys Bouncing on his Needak Hard Bounce Rebounder

In this short, personal video George Willingham goes into explaining why he loves his Needak Rebounder and the practical ways in which it benefits him. He talks about his exercise program and how he discovered rebounding and the Needak when looking for something specific for […]

Great video on the Needak Rebounder by Jennifer L. Scott of the Daily Connoisseur

It’s really great to see people far and wide reap the many benefits of the Needak Rebounder. Here’s a video by author Jennifer L. Scott on the Needak – it goes into explaining how she uses it, how she feels before, during, and after, and […]

Introducing: The Needak Affiliate Program

Do you run a fitness blog or are you an avid Facebook user? Do you have a forum that you use to share health and weight loss related information and tips to people? Do you run a blog? Well, if you are involved in spreading […]

Shake up your rebounding routine!

So… you’ve made the first big step.  You’ve got a rebounder.  Or, as your friends and family probably call it, “that mini trampoline thing.” You’ve even made the second big step: you set it up.  It’s sitting right there.  Maybe you even took the third […]

Lime it!

As we’ve mentioned before, hydrate hydrate hydrate yourself! Water is the oil of the body It facilitates weight loss, detoxification, and is necessary for all of us, especially those of us looking to enhance our physical lives. An easy, simple way to make drinking water easier, […]

The Healthy Dip

Love sour cream but hate the fat content? Like the flavor of sour cream’n’onion? Then here’s a quick and easy recipe that will ensure you never feel sour cream envy ever again! Just take a tub of cottage cheese, place it in a blender with […]

Rebounding for toned legs

When muscles are not used, they atrophy – this means they slowly lose their form and shape because the body does not need it anymore. The inverse of this is when you put strain on your muscles – you tell them, like you would a […]

Rebounding and Weight Loss

Do you look in the mirror and realise that the person looking back is not who you once used to be? Instead of the attractive, slim, confident person you once were, the person in your reflection is a fat, overweight and unhappy you that you […]

Running: You and your Knees

Running is a bittersweet activity. Yes, it is enjoyable at times, and yes, with some music you get lots of fresh air and can even be sociable. But no matter how good your sneakers are, your knees, over the long term, are going to suffer […]

Oats: The magical weight loss carbohydrate

When you start researching losing weight, or are even exercising your butt off in trying to trim those sides, you’ll read a lot of articles on the benefits of drinking water, high intensity training versus low intensity, and how important it is to eat fruits […]


Needak.com – Your Guaranteed Authorized US Retailer

Some of our customers get confused at the number of different stores selling the Needak Rebounder. Some have model years, others have model numbers, and it all gets a bit muddy. Well here, we’ll shed a little bit of light on it. Needak.com (and Needak.ca, […]