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Running: You and your Knees

Running is a bittersweet activity. Yes, it is enjoyable at times, and yes, with some music you get lots of fresh air and can even be sociable.

But no matter how good your sneakers are, your knees, over the long term, are going to suffer as the impact of landing on a hard surface over and over takes its toll on your joints.

Don’t take the risk of long term health problems – do your due diligance now.

Brisk walking, or climbing may be a more effective way to reap the benefits of being outdoors without the same risk of joint trouble in the long run.

Supplement your daily run with some rebounding, which provides a superior workout to running and is actually good for your knees. Open the window, put some music on, and emulate the same holistic experience without damaging one of your most valuable joint systems.