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Rebounding and Weight Loss

Do you look in the mirror and realise that the person looking back is not who you once used to be? Instead of the attractive, slim, confident person you once were, the person in your reflection is a fat, overweight and unhappy you that you never thought you would be? The key is knowing that you can be who you want to be again, you just have to get the ball rolling and then keep it rolling. Weight loss is not easy, but it is possible. Incorporate not just one, but a variety of healthy habits and exercise routines into your life style. OurĀ rebounding and weight loss method is just one of those routines – incorporate healthy jumping into your daily routine and you’ll soon be sweating off those pounds before you know it.

We’re Serious about rebounding and weight loss

Each pound of excess fat stored in your body equates to 3500 calories. Yes, that’s right, one pound of fat equals 3500 calories. And those calories need to be burnt away to reveal the real you underneath all that unwanted fat. Once you have your mini trampoline, or rebounder as many people call it, incorporate three to four sessions of rebouning into your day. Make each session 20 minutes long and apart from sticking to that time frame, you don’t even have to plan what exercises you will do. Just get on it and start bouncing! Rebounding burns 5-12 calories every minute – so with intense rebounding you could be burning 240 calories in just 20 minutes! Thats some serious rebounding and weight loss.

Rebounding and weight loss is easy

That’s the beauty of rebounding – rebounding and weight loss comes easy because all you have to do play your favorite music and hop on. Before you even realise it you’ll be inventing your own moves using an assortment of jumps, running and even walking on your trampoline. They will just flow out of you naturally.

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