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Oats: The magical weight loss carbohydrate

When you start researching losing weight, or are even exercising your butt off in trying to trim those sides, you’ll read a lot of articles on the benefits of drinking water, high intensity training versus low intensity, and how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables.

Everything has its place: vegetables are for fiber and vitamins.

Fruits are for vitamins and fructose. And water serves to lubricate everything, making your blood reach your cells, giving them the calories they need to create force.

One food that is often ignored or overlooked is Oats. Oats are naturally low on the glycemic index which means after you have some, you will remain full longer. Additionally, they are stuffed with fiber, protein, and even healthy fats that your brain uses to think.

Not only this, but you can use oats just about anywhere. You can grind them and use them instead of flour. You can bread chicken with them. You can even toss them in your smoothie and blend them out, adding healthy carbs to an energy drink to make it more whole.

Superior to even brown rice, oats are cheap, plentiful, and easy to use.

Gone are the days when oats could only be eaten in oatmeal; they are a versatile and healthy alternative to bread and rice.

Just remember – don’t buy instant oats. In fact, try to get the least processed oats you can. This means steel cut oats that are not pre-cooked. The more processed they are, the less effective they will be as a weight loss supplement.