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Needak.com – Your Guaranteed Authorized US Retailer

Some of our customers get confused at the number of different stores selling the Needak Rebounder. Some have model years, others have model numbers, and it all gets a bit muddy. Well here, we’ll shed a little bit of light on it. Needak.com (and Needak.ca, […]

Needak Rebounder now in Australia

Australians rejoice! The world-famous Needak Rebounder, previously only available in North America is now for sale in Australia. The Australian wing of Needak does not operate quite the same as its North American counterpart. Although all of the organizations are linked, due to the fact […]

Targeting belly fat? You bet!

There is the wide held belief that though most people want to lose their belly fat first, that you can’t target your stomach. Instead, you have to just exercise and lose weight in a healthy, steady manner, and accordingly you will eventually start thinning out […]